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    • SMART-420 Multi-function Web Printing Press
    SMART-420 Multi-function Web Printing Press
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    Product Introduction
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    Product Highlights



    Servo Driver Control

    Automatic Register System

    The register accuracy is 0.05mm, and can be automatic adjusted in axial and radial at the same time.

    Identifies register error automatically and corrects from time to time to guarantee steady register.

    Pre-register System

    The printing cylinder will reach to the register zero point automatically after installing the printing plate and start work, it can achieve good register requirement without manual control which improves the working efficiency and save lots of material & labor cost.

    Portable Roller Technology

    Using magnalium printing cylinder and blanket cylinder, with double-pinch clamping technology for easily changing printing area and printing method, convenience operator and  low maintenance cost.

    Center Control Screen

    The machine parameters can be adjusted at any time by digital handles and the work order data produced each time can be stored and recalledwhich also contain the machine's best state during the printing time.

    It can achieve the control to the whole machine, not only the basic operation of turning on, turning off, speed adjustment, counting and so on, but also including automatic offset ink & water control, register control and timely quality inspection.

    Dedicated Plate Installation Platform

    Using CCD camera calibration system to make printing plate installation convenient and reliable.

    Dedicated Plate Bending Table

    Using CCD camera calibration system to break out the reasonable angle for easily plate mounting.

    Removable Cold Foil Unit

    According to the different printing requirement, cold foil unit can move to any position to complete the job.

    Main Technical Parameters

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